Mildura City Heart Advocates for Footpath Trading Fees to be Waivered

Mildura Rural City Council has announced it is waiving fees for local businesses as part of its COVID support efforts and the 2021/2022 COVID Relief Response Fund.

Tabled at the September meeting, Councillors voted to allocate $362,000 out of the $471,000 of the Fund to local business operators in the region, with the focus on businesses having the cost of health registrations and permits waivered.

In 2020/2021 the COVID-19 Relief Respond Fund included a waiver of the Footpath Trading costs. In receiving the initial document for the 2021/2022 package it was highlighted by MCH Management and Board of Directors that this waiver had not been included.

Advocating on behalf of Traders and local business, Mildura City Heart Management and Board requested that MRCC reinstate the waiver, taking into consideration the impact lockdown and closures has continued to have across 2021, specifically for hospitality Traders and the patron restrictions placed on dining.

The request to reinstate the waiver was presented to MRCC, with Cr Milne moving an amendment to the Response Fund that was unanimously approved, agreeing to waive the 2022/2023 renewal fees for Footpath Trading permits (i.e., tables, chairs, A frames, display signs) to the value of approximately $90,000.

Cr Milne said, “Because a lot of businesses have already paid their permits for this year, it would be difficult to refund but in fairness to traders it could go in the budget for next year.”

As the 2021/2022 renewals for these Footpath Trading Permits have already been distributed, Council resolved to waive them for the following financial year. Businesses who are eligible for these fee waivers will be contacted by council to confirm the following year’s waiver.

MCH is pleased MRCC supported the request and the decision was made to include the waiver as part of the COVID Relief Respond Fund.

Other benefits of the 2021/2022 COVID Relief Response Fund include:

  • Around 600 cafes, restaurants and other operators will not be charged to renew their food registration permits this year
  • Around 89 accommodation operators will not be charged to renew their health registration permits this year
  • Around 96 beauty, tattoo and nail technicians will not be charged to renew their health registration permits this year

To learn more about Fee Waivers and the Relief Fund visit the Mildura City Council website.