Mildura City Heart gyms and fitness centres are back this week as COVID-19 restrictions ease for regional Victoria.

Gyms and studios were forced to get creative when indoor class options were taken off the table in recent months, many going online or outdoors as an alternative.

While centres are keen to open their doors to members, F45 Training Mildura will continue to offer their members a unique outdoor experience in addition to their signature studio option.

Rach Jaynes, who established F45 in Mildura with her partner Ben just 18 months ago, says she is excited to continue offering fitness classes outdoors in Langtree Mall.

She said the mall offered an open, central and shaded area, where class music could be played loudly to create a high-energy atmosphere for members’ morning and evening sessions.

Rach says she and her clients enjoy the space for training and can see the potential for the mall to continue to be used by the community in creative ways.

“For us right now, we use the space and we absolutely love it,” she says.

“Our members have loved going there, to have the music pumping, with no issues with noise.”

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