Fresh Mildura City Heart Inc Board elected at AGM

Mildura City Heart has welcomed a newly-elected board after reflecting on the challenges and successes of the past year at its AGM.

Adam Hobbs, Jacqui Tilley, Briony Bridgett and Steph Bradshaw have been appointed to the four available two-year tenure Director’s positions until the 2022 AGM.

The newly-elected directors join Cassandra Circosta, Daniel Priestley and Eric Oguzkaya to form our Mildura City Heart Inc. Board for the next 12 months.

Mildura City Heart Inc. is the independent, not-for-profit organisation responsible for representing and supporting the more than 350 traders within its nine-block CBD precinct, which includes Langtree Mall.

As a volunteer-run board, it’s our role to express the views of all our stakeholders to Mildura Rural City Council, while proactively working to rejuvenate and activate the whole of the CBD as it stands right now.

As reported in our 2019-2020 Annual Report delivered at the AGM, MCH has been actively working with the council on “rate incentives, CBD Plan, events, wall and road murals, footpaths, footpath trading, sound system, road closures, parking, riverfront connectivity, signage and wayfinding, Langtree Mall access points, gardens, trees, cleaning, bins, seating, lighting, maintenance and general aesthetics of our city.”

Mildura City Heart Board is encouraged by the robust discussion currently being had about our city’s Langtree Mall. The discussion highlights the community’s passion to see Langtree Mall once again become a thriving space for community and business – a passion shared by our Mildura City Heart Board.

The Board agree with recent commentary that Langtree Mall’s vacancy rate is far too high and can understand the fears and concerns that have driven much of the recent discussion.

However, we also know that the issue of high vacancies is complex.

A combination of factors have contributed to this point, including a decline in global ‘bricks and mortar’ retail, now exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, flexible and diverse spaces for a variety of needs, accessibility for customers and challenges presented by online shopping.

We know there is much work to be done in this space, but we are heartened by the community’s drive and passion to reactivate the Langtree Mall, and strongly believe real change can happen by addressing each of these factors with creativity and collaboration.

MCH Directors acknowledge and welcome the newly-elected Mildura Rural City Councillors and look forward to working with them, along with other stakeholders, to achieve the best outcomes for traders and the community.

Mildura City Heart Board of Directors

The Mildura City Heart 2019/2020 Annual Report is now available on the Governance page. Hard copies are also available from the Mildura City Heart office at 63a Langtree Mall, Mildura.

Click here for more information on the Directors.