100 free meals per day. That’s how many meals Andy and his team have given away to essential workers in Mildura to say thank you for their dedication to keeping the community safe, resourced, and functioning throughout the Covid pandemic.

What’s more, Andy has chosen to do so by digging deep into his pockets and dedicating his own money and savings to the cause, and when asked his motivation behind the generous offering he simply replied, “because this community, Mildura, is our home.”

Giving back to the community is what Andy strives to do, to be a part of the community he’s called home for the past 12 years by supporting not only the essential workers like police, nurses, doctors, paramedics, truck drivers, but also his own staff.

Through offering free meals, Andy has been able to provide additional hours for his staff that would have otherwise had to have their hours reduced due to lockdowns keeping doors closed. “The work the free meals created meant I could give my staff hours during lockdown”, Andy said, stating that above that it also helped them feel like they were contributing and kept their spirits up during what has been a tough time for hospitality.

Andy has been overwhelmed with the response and the joy it has brought to everyone involved, especially the essential workers who have gratefully enjoyed the offering. “We’ve had flowers and gifts sent from people we don’t even know! Complete strangers have reached out to us to say thank you. It’s been a wonderful experience to remind us all we’re all in this together.”