2021 Mildura City Heart Inc. Annual General Meeting

Mildura City Heart Incorporated held its 11th Annual General Meeting last night, with the focus on highlighting the achievements and challenges of the 2020/2021 financial year and electing new Directors to the Board.

Held virtually for the second year in a row, Directors Cassandra Circosta, Daniel Priestley and Eric Oguzkaya were appointed two-year tenures in Director’s positions, with Ms Circosta staying in the role of Treasurer and Mr Priestley stepping into the role of Deputy Chair.

The Board’s current Chair, Adam Hobbs, was elected to remain in the role and he, along with Ms Circosta, Mr Priestley and Mr Oguzkaya join Jacqui Tilley, Briony Bridgett and Steph Bradshaw to form the Mildura City Heart Board.

“The past 18 months have had their share of triumphs and challenges as COVID continues to impact events and businesses across the region” Mr Hobbs said. “To see the current Directors nominate to stay in their roles speaks to the strong, committed and passionate Board we have at Mildura City Heart.”

COVID, advocacy for Traders, and addressing the vacant buildings in the Langtree Mall were key items on the agenda for this year’s AGM, with the Board highlighting the strategic approach to ensuring local businesses, MRCC, Commercial Real Estate Agents, and relevant stakeholders work together in the best interests of the region.

“We’re incredibly proud of the progress we’ve made in strengthening partnerships with MRCC and local stakeholders to ensure the City Heart continues to be the centre of our region, providing experiential dining, boutique shopping, hair and beauty, and a vast array of services.” Mr Hobbs said.

Mildura City Heart Board of Directors

The Mildura City Heart 2020/2021 Annual Report is now available online from the ‘Governance’ section of www.milduracity.com.au. Hard copies are also available from the Mildura City Heart office at 63a Langtree Mall, Mildura.

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