Oranges + Lemons

Unlike other historic advertising artworks, ghost signs at the former Sunraysia Citrus Board building are truly unique to Mildura.

The large billboard-style pieces, which surround the site of the current Sunraysia Citrus Growers building, spruik the fruit the Sunraysia region is known for.

On one side, the slogan reads “Eat an orange a day. Oranges keep the blues away” and on the other, “Lemons add a lot to life. Be in it!”.

LeGassick Signs, founded by the late Phil LeGassick, was contracted to paint the murals, Phil creating the letterwork and artwork on the orange side, while fellow signwriter Kevin Burke completed the letterwork and artistic touches of fruit on the lemon side.

Burke said the advertisements, painted in the mid-1980s, were designed by LeGassick Signs and painted free-hand using traditional signwriting techniques over just a couple days.

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