ETA / Velvet

On Lime Avenue, between Eighth and Ninth streets, is the site of one of Mildura’s most recently uncovered ghost signs.

Renovations to the building in 2016 exposed two layered signs, one for ETA peanut butter, and the other, an older Velvet Soap advertisement.

The current occupier, the owners of Asian fusion restaurant Ms Lucy, had intended to strip back layers of paint to reveal an exposed brick wall, but instead uncovered a piece of Mildura early history.

The building is known as the Nash Building, named for G.A. Nash, the building’s original occupier.

The building was completed in 1917, however the Nash Bakery and Grocery business dates back to 1888.

For many years it was the base for a carpet retailer, before again becoming a bakery (Baker’s Delight), and later a restaurant.

Mildura historians believe the ETA sign was painted in the 1950s, while the Velvet sign predates that.

The wall has been the canvas for several signwriters, including Kevin Billington, who painted the entire wall when the carpet store opened.

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