What’s this all about?
To the mum of older children, who tirelessly & dutifully looks after everyone else before themselves.
To the breastfeeding mum, who has forgotten what it’s like to wear a sexy bra.
To the young adult who wants to express her individuality & gain a bit of self esteem.
To the busy working entrepreneur who lives on minimal sleep to build her empire & somehow forgot to look after and love her body.
To those of us who struggled as a child or teen (and perhaps still) with body issues & never consider themselves as worthy.
To the ladies on a weight loss/health journey who deserve to relish in their success.
To the ladies who are hitting menopause & want to forget the crazy hormones and hot flushes, to feel sexy again.
To the old or young (adult), slim or curvy, dark or pale, mum or daughter
This is for you!
Hi! I’m Lauren Southwell, your photographer who wants you to love EVERY inch of yourself, just as you are. Through the empowering art of boudoir, I will boost your confidence & self esteem.
These sessions are NOT designed as gifts for your partner’s eyes, in fact, if you are just doing this for someone else, we need to have a serious chat! Of course they will LOVE the images we create of you but your boudoir experience will be a life changing & empowering moment for YOU.
You will be guided into each and every pose that is chosen for you to compliment your body & style but you are absolutely free and encouraged to embrace the moment and work it!
Head on over to my website to find out more.